Easy World Automation | Videotec MAXIMUS MVXT CAMERA


  • Lenses: 9mm, 13mm, 19mm, 25mm, 35mm, 50mm
  • Resolution 336x256 or 640x512
  • Certification temperature: from -60°C (-76°F) up to +65°C (149°F)
  • Power supply: 12-24Vdc/24Vac


The explosion-proof camera MAXIMUS MVXT is perfect for efficient and preventive video surveillance and control of processes in hazardous environments where the atmosphere is potentially explosive due to the presence of inflammable gases or dust, typical of the Oil&Gas, marine, or industrial sectors. IP-based cameras are also enhanced with radiometric functions that allow temperature detection based on the 4 central pixels of the image. Versions are available on request with advanced radiometry, capable of measuring the temperature of a specific object at any point of the image by defining a specific area. MVXT takes full advantage of all the functionalities and advantages offered by the thermal camera, including the possibility of sending an alarm and enabling immediate actions for the purpose of preventing undesired accidents or intrusions in the protected areas. The housing is compact yet functional and is made entirely out of AISI 316L stainless steel. Its resistance to corrosion is not only guaranteed but is also enhanced by way of polishing processes. An equally noteworthy point is that the IP66/IP68 ratings guarantee the complete protection against harsh weather and submersion in up to 5 meters of water for 2 hours. Moreover, the IP69 rating allows the device to be cleaned with high-pressure water jets.

You can place an order for the Videotec MAXIMUS MVXT CAMERA, which is applicable in the IP Surveillance industry, online via one of our Middle East branches (Dubai/ Oman/Saudi Arabia) and get it delivered at a low cost at a specific time.


Usable diameter 57mm
Supply voltage/Current consumption 24Vac ±10%, 2.2A, 50/60Hz, 24Vdc ±5%, 2.2A, 12Vdc ±5%, 3.5A
External diameter 20.00 ± 0.50mm (0.79±0.20in)
Diameter under armature 15.20mm (0.60in)
Armoured cable composition 3 x 2.5mm², 7 x 0.34mm², 4 x 2 x 0.22mm² (IP-based version, cat. 5E), 1 x coax 75ohm RG179 (analog version)
Ethernet connection 10BASE-T/100BASE-T
Connector RJ45
Cable length 100m max
Serial interface RS-485 line, half-duplex
Serial communication protocol PANASONIC 850: 9600baud, 19200baud, PELCO D: 2400baud, 9600baud
Alarm inputs 1
Relay outputs 1 (1A, 30Vac/60Vdc max)
General AISI 316L stainless steel construction, External shot peened and electro-polished surfaces, Silicone O-ring seals, Configuration via OSM, Sunshield
Communication protocol ONVIF, Profile S
Device configuration TCP/IPv4-IPv6, UDP/IPv4-IPv6, HTTP, NTP, DHCP, WS-DISCOVERY, QoS, IGMP (Multicast)
Video compression H.264/AVC, MJPEG
Image resolution from Full D1 (720x576 for PAL, 720x480 for NTSC) to 352x240
Physical Characteristics
Dimensions Without video encoder: 70x65x140mm (2,6x2,5x5,5in), With video encoder: 70mmx65mmx120mm
Weight 8.5kg (18.7lb) (housing with 4m (13ft) multi-polar cable shield), 12kg (26.5lb) (housing with 10m multi-polar cable shield)
Operating Temperature Cold start from -40°C (-40°F) up to +65°C (149°F), Running from -50°C (-58°F) up to +65°C (149°F)
Relative humidity from 10% up to 95% (no condensation)
Safety EN60950-1, IEC60950-1, EN62368-1, IEC62368-1
Electromagnetic compatibility EN601000-6-4, EN61000-3-2, EN61000-3-3, EN50130-4, EN55032 (Class A)
RoHS EN50581
IP protection degree IP66, IP67, IP68 (2 hours, 5m (16ft)), IP69
Vibration EN50130-5, EN60068-2-6