MAXIMUS MPX is an ex-proof PTZ camera that offers superior image quality and exceptional p..
MAXIMUS MPX SERIES2 is a Full HD PTZ camera, explosion-proof certified, and is the optimu..
MAXIMUS MPXHD is a Full HD ex-proof PTZ that produces high-definition images and is ideal ..
The explosion-proof camera MAXIMUS MVXT is perfect for efficient and preventive video sur..
NVX is an IP FULL HD super low-light camera with high corrosion resistance. This camera i..
The NXL housing, entirely constructed from AISI 316L electropolished stainless steel has ..
The NXPTZ is an exceptional integrated PTZ camera unit perfect for heavy-duty tasks and i..
The solid construction of this housing makes it suitable for heavy-duty applications, suc..
Pan & Tilt can rotate horizontally at a speed of 6°/s (maximum tour of 330°) and verti..
ULISSE PTZ camera unit ensures maximum video surveillance coverage in all outdoor environm..
ULISSE COMPACT is a robust and efficient PTZ camera unit designed to ensure dynamic, non-s..
ULISSE COMPACT THERMAThe PTZ ULISSE COMPACT THERMAL camera offers an exceptional integrate..
The PTZ ULISSE EVO video camera is ideal as a video surveillance solution for outdoor app..
ULISSE EVO THERMAL is a PTZ thermal camera, developed to provide a preventative video sur..
ULISSE MAXI NETCAM is a powerful Full-IP PTZ for outdoor IP video surveillance, which can ..
ULISSE RADICAL is the first Videotec ready-to-use network Full HD PTZ camera system that i..
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