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Power Utility

Thinking about your challenges ahead of time

The utility industry is undergoing profound changes, affecting all areas along the entire energy chain, from power generation to trading, including transmission and distribution. Around the globe, utilities face a multitude of challenges:

Renewables and distributed energy sources must be integrated while facing market and regulatory uncertainties. They have to improve environmental performance, keep consumers’ costs down, and at the same time maintain system reliability.

SCADA – utility systems require a highly reliable monitoring and controlling network. Malfunctions should be pinpointed quickly and even restored remotely. Energy transmission and distribution, in particular, is very sensitive to problematic situations. Possible breaks in distribution must be kept as short as possible – there is no room for errors or delays.

eWorld supplies a wide variety of solutions based on the products designed to be IEC 61850-3 compliant these include a selection of Industrial Ethernet switches, Industrial computing platforms, Ethernet gateways, and media converters. These products are utilized in key roles to ensure communication interoperability and interconnectivity for power utility applications.

eWorld has worked with many power and energy companies in the region looking to find the best communication solution to their power and energy networks. Most of them expect to have maintenance-free, power backup systems and IEC 61850-3-based power transmission and distribution systems to improve the overall efficiency of energy generation and distribution.

IEC 61850 is a standard for vendor-agnostic engineering of the configuration of Intelligent Electronic Devices for electrical substation automation systems to be able to communicate with each other, It is a part of the International Electrotechnical Commission's (IEC) Technical Committee 57 (TC57) reference architecture for electric power systems.