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Your partner in critical communications networks

Dedicated Network Partners (DNWP) develops and produces critical communications networks for utilities, corporations, and enterprises. (Dubai, Middle East, UAE)

DNWP is a Finnish high-tech company driven by the product philosophy to design devices that beat records in value. DNWP devices provide true multiservice capabilities to support a wide range of voice and data interfaces and a variety of connectivity scenarios making them one of the most reliable and sustainable critical communications solutions on the market.

DNWP's key device Connection Master offers high availability, service quality, and security - the ‘must' features of a modern network. Connection Master combines the leading critical communications technologies into one device. It supports a variety of existing communications means (TDM) while taking you simultaneously towards the next generation networks (MPLS-TP).

Industrial customers have relied on our solutions throughout the decades. DNWP started out in 2012 as a spin-off from the telecom giant Nokia, where dedicated networks formed the core of the business as early as the 80's. We're proud to be the first choice of electricity, oil, gas, and water suppliers; airport, seaport, railway, and highway operators; as well as public safety, security, military, and defense professionals across the globe.

Reliable communications are vital when running mission-critical business operations in industries such as power, oil, gas, mining, and transportation. Prerequisites for time and mission-critical data transmission are high network availability, service quality, and security, which are not always present in public networks.

Our products allow incremental deployment and are highly robust to support communications in extreme ambient conditions. They require minimal attendance and are built to last the next 15-20 years.

A smooth evolution path from legacy TDM to packet-based technologies guarantees solid revenues from both past and future investments.

Specialties: Critical communications, Smart grid, Connection Master, Dynanet, FlexiNT-GS, NMS, SDH, PDH, TDM, Carrier Ethernet 2.0, MPLS-TP