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Innovaphone was one of the first companies we signed a contract to work as an Authorized partner in the entire Middle East (Dubai, UAE) region on their Pure IP Telephony solutions.

Innovaphone AG has been playing a decisive role in the development of IP telephony ever since the company was founded in 1997. The company’s entrepreneurial spirit and development work are characterized by the emphasis placed on the guiding concepts of achieving long-term value, producing durable products, reliability, and sustainability.

The technology company with approximately 90 employees is financed entirely with private funds. Under the name of “innovaphone PBX”, innovaphone offers a complete Unified Communications solution suitable for companies of any size with any profile: from small companies over medium-size companies with several branch offices to large enterprises.

The innovaphone PBX enables UC components and other additional applications to be installed at additional workspaces at any time, either dealing just with telephony or for telephony and UC. innovaphone solutions are characterized by their lean, robust product architecture and do not require a server.

VoIP gateways, Unified Communications, VoIP telephone systems, IP telephony, SIP standard, PBX systems - does that not mean much to you? But you still have to decide who is to integrate IP telephony, Unified Communications, internet and mobile services etc in a powerful, future-safe system?

Keep the answer simple: choose the art of engineering "made in Germany" on a solid economic basis. From innovaphone, the leading independent specialist for "turn-key" business IP telephony and Unified Communications solutions.