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  • Presales and Support Consultancy

    Whether your customer is looking to upgrade infrastructures, add network management capabilities or needs to implement WLAN as an overlay technology, eWorld has the experience and skill-set to design, specify and implement complex industrial solutions. Activities performed upon request include:

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  • Network Design

    Organizations can realize big benefits from the right networking solution. The question is what network is suitable for your application? LAN, WAN, converged, SAN, Wireless? The options are many. Is it "future-ready" and cost-effective to support your business growth? The networking decisions you make today affect your operational and financial efficiencies tomorrow, and in the future.

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  • Installation and Configuration Services

    eWorld has a panel of certified engineers who have years of experience in installation and configuration of various Industrial products and SCADA solutions. Certified Engineers are capable of handling mission-critical configurations, troubleshooting and commissioning projects within specified deadlines.

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  • Network Cabling

    Easy World offers reliable and quality cabling for your network application. Whether your requirements are voice, data, video, or fiber optic, our staff of well-trained professionals are here to ensure a quality installation.

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  • Consulting

    eWorld’s network consultants help you maximize the value of your current network infrastructure by identifying risks and opportunities, analyzing approaches, and recommending solutions to optimize your network.

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  • Training

    Easy World offers a wide range of educational services ranging from in-house training of standard courses on networking, Ethernet switches, and xDSL Modems, to on-site customized courses tailored to the customer’s needs, experience, and application.

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