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Oil & Gas

The energy demands in the world are growing day by day and despite the increase in the use of renewable energy sources oil and gas reserves will continue to meet the largest proportion of our energy needs for many years to come.

Complex process control is required at all stages of extraction, transport, refinement, and distribution of fossil fuels. These processes often occur in harsh weather conditions and with the constant threat of explosion hence all equipment needs to meet tough standards.

eWorld has several years of experience in supplying and supporting high-quality industrial data communication products and solutions to the oil & gas industry (middle east, Dubai, UAE)

Industrial environments require robust and reliable communications

Robust and reliable industrial communications can facilitate the reduction of capital and operational expenditures (CAPEX and OPEX), while also fulfilling HSSE (Health, Safety, Security, and Environment) requirements in the oil and gas industry. The conditions that oil and gas operations face every day are extremely demanding, including challenges such as explosive atmospheres, high vibration and shock, electromagnetic interference, extreme operating temperatures and ambient conditions, and often in remote locations without any communication infrastructure. Creating reliable communication infrastructures under these conditions can pose significant challenges. We at eWorld in our product portfolio have many products which are purpose-built to withstand harsh conditions addressing the unique and evolving challenges of oil and gas production.

As a trusted partner in the oil and gas industry, we are well aware of these challenging conditions. Our comprehensive product portfolios of best-in-class industrial network components support the deployment of reliable and secure communication networks for a nearly limitless range of oil and gas applications – upstream, midstream, or downstream.

In our rich product portfolio, we have a product and solution for each and every Oil and Gas application including Oil exploration, Offshore Drilling, Offshore and Onshore Production, Pipeline monitoring, refining, and petrochemical plant as well as storage in the tank farms. Products that are designed to meet with all Oil and Gas standards and requirements like UL listed Class 1 Div 2 Certification.