REALWEAR | Easy World Automation


Easy World Automation strives to expand its partnerships with rising companies, enlarging its clienteles according to their needs. Now partnering up with Realwear, Easy World Automation has brought a new touch of world-class technology to introduce those who require real solutions on their frontline workforce with the best-quality HANDS-FREE visual assists.

With the vision of improving industrial operations, Realwear brought the ultimate knowledge from the innovation labs into business operations by developing high-resolution wearable computers, enabling the frontline workers with digital content in front of their line of sight. Incorporating extended reality (XR) technologies, such as virtual reality (VR), Augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR), and assisted reality (AR), Realwear has made industrial wearable computers accessible.

Their innovation has worked like a charm, and as a result, they can now offer products designed to provide several outstanding features, delivering real-time information. With the combination of head-mounted wearables, software, and a hands-free, voice-controlled UX, Realwear products put the following capabilities at the workers’ disposal: IDC (Industrial Data Communication)

  • Remote Expert Guidance
  • Digital workflow
  • Visual assist
  • Industrial IoT Data
  • Document Navigator

operator panels Promoting sturdy and ruggeddesigns in the products, Realwear has brought first-class technologies into theindustrial operation field. HANDS-FREE android wearable solutions are optimizedfor microdisplay and completely voice-controlled navigation. AI-promotedtechnologies speed the frontline workers’ functions, making the requiredreal-time information, instructions, and connections accessible. Thewearability of Realwear products is convenient and efficient for industrialenvironments.