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Road Transportation

Intelligent Transportation Systems are improving transportation everywhere. Remote-controlled traffic signs, Traffic light priority (TLP), Real-time passenger information, Variable Message Signs (VMS), Automatic vehicle location, and real-time weather updates improve road safety and reduce traffic jams.

Traffic services are constantly being developed, driving times optimized and fuel consumption reduced. Operational communication is a major factor in all this. Everything has to be kept up-to-date, accurate, coordinated, safe and secure.

As road traffic volumes increase worldwide new technologies are being used in traffic management systems to increase both traffic flow and safety. Reliable data communications are vital to keeping our ever-increasingly busy world moving.

Why choose Impulse for your next transportation project?

eWorld has been supplying high-quality data communication products for the transportation industry for many years and has extensive experience in applications such as roadside signage management systems, ANPR systems, in-vehicle CCTV and Fare collection systems, smart toll gates, and many more.

We have built an extensive portfolio of transportation certified Computers, wireless and cellular gateways as well as Ethernet devices that have been specifically designed to handle harsh transportation environments.

We at eWorld have many years of experience in both data communication technologies and roadside applications. Our real expertise is in providing a solution using products that can function in these often-harsh environments by meeting the widest temperature specifications and offering high reliability by using only high-quality components.