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Factory Automation

Automation has kept manufacturers competitive in a global marketplace (Middle east, Dubai, UAE), but it can be difficult to achieve reliable communication amongst the specialized devices and protocols. With the help of our high-performance products, manufacturers all over the region have been able to connect legacy equipment to modern control systems, monitor harsh environmental conditions at production facilities in real-time, and seamlessly convert between proprietary and open device protocols. Ethernet has rapidly replaced serial communications as the preferred method for communications. All factory automation equipment like PLCs, HMI, I/O blacks, inverters, and drives all now have the standard RJ-45 connection.

By definition, the factory floor is a tough environment for communications with high voltages often being switched inducing electrical fields and transients in both the power and signal lines.

Reliability and fault-free operation are a prerequisite in this market as a company's entire production can be put at risk if a network should fail. Robust Industrial Data Communications is the solution.

eWorld has an extensive experience over a decade supplying and supporting high-quality industrial serial to ethernet and protocol converter products to the manufacturing and automation industries.

When it comes to factories, continuity of operation and having uninterrupted production is vital, in order to prevent factory networks from online attacks, Cyber Security is a must.

We have a state of art Cyber Security solution which offers all-in-one firewall/VPN/NAT/switch solutions and provides multilayer defense-in-depth protection for your entire network infrastructure with no extra cost for data transmission.

We recognize the importance of continuously building up knowledge of customer’s specialist market sectors and how it fits together with our core business so that we can work closely with our clients to address all their need in the factory environment.