WESTERMO | Easy World Automation


Westermo is a leading manufacturer of high-quality Industrial Data Communication products, it’s been a key partner of Easy World since 2010 for the entire Middle East (Dubai, UAE) market.

Westermo is a leading supplier of high quality, robust data communications equipment designed for harsh industrial applications, products are built to the highest quality with world-class R&D capabilities. They design and manufacture data communications products for mission-critical applications.

The products are used both in urban infrastructure, such as road and rail transportation, water and energy supplies as well as in process automation industries, such as Oil and Gas and petrochemical plants.

Westermo designs and manufactures its own products, guaranteeing the long lifetime product availability, extremely high MTBF, know-how and quality expected of a world-class Swedish brand.

The range of Westermo products Includes Industrial Ethernet switch and Ethernet Extenders robustly designed for long service life along with the diverse range of media and protocol converters as well as state of art Industrial Cybersecurity one box solutions.

In addition, Westermo has an extensive range of wireless products for industrial applications. With 3G / GPRS routers for remote access, GSM modems for legacy serial connections and Wi-Fi modems for wireless Ethernet connectivity, they have many wireless solutions that you can depend upon to be robust, rugged and reliable.