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BridgeWave has been in the business of wirelessly linking people, places, and things since the company's start in 1999, and that goal still holds true today. BridgeWave's position as an industry leader is built on its history of delivering point-to-point solutions that live up to its promises. BridgeWave values its connections with clients who entrust the company with its networks and their companies throughout the globe.


In 2014, REMEC Broadband Wireless Networks, a respected OEM with more than 1M microwave and millimeter wave radios supplied over the past 12 years, acquired BridgeWave. At the time, the two companies already had a close and strong collaboration. (The REMEC company also runs the SAGE/Satcom business unit, which contributes to the satellite communications industry.) After the acquisition, REMEC greatly enhanced BridgeWave's strength by pouring resources into new marketing and engineering teams as well as improving sales and operations.


Later, in 2015, REMEC welcomed an offer to join the Moseley Associates group of companies. This enabled the company to stop relying on third-party, off-the-shelf chipsets and to develop new, unique solutions for the market by giving REMEC and BridgeWave access to Moseley's innovative exclusive RF and other wireless technologies.


BridgeWave continues to help mobile, carrier, service provider, business, and government clients worldwide, reinforced by the partnerships with Moseley and REMEC. BridgeWave provides a legitimate alternative to fiber-based solutions with its millimeter wave and microwave technologies, which provide excellent performance, competitive pricing, high efficiency, and security. In order to provide the highest possible levels of performance, scalability, and adaptability, BridgeWave is going beyond the boundaries of wireless technology. One of its most recent breakthroughs is the software-defined proprietary RF ASIC chip for the 6-42GHzbands, together with a single four-channel baseband SOC that supports up to 2,000MHz of aggregated bandwidth and capacities above 10Gbps.


The freedom and flexibility BridgeWave's solutions provide will free clients from "off-the-shelf" chipset limitations.