eWorld has signed a strategic partnership with GE company to provide its Cyber Security solution to a range of customers throughout the Middle East (Dubai, UAE).

The Industrial Internet brings great promise for operational productivity and data-driven efficiency. But increased connectivity, technical complexity, and the Internet of Things are also driving increased threats. In today’s environment, industrial organizations have to manage the risk associated with external threats, like state-sponsored cyber espionage, as well as internal threats, such as configuration errors that might cause an unplanned outage.

GE DIGITAL helps industrial operators and device manufacturers mitigate operational technology (OT) threats and vulnerabilities. We provide products and services that help customers design, test, certify, and secure their Internet-connected devices, ICS, and other critical controls, as well as their site operations.

GE DIGITAL began with an industrial mindset. We know what it means to operate and protect a process control strategy. Our technology is purpose-built for protecting industrial processes. Through years of development with deep industry insights, our products can demonstrate unprecedented visibility and protection of critical infrastructure.

Our talented staff of OT cyber practitioners is skilled in applying security technology and processes to a wide variety of industries. Fortune 500 customers rely on GE DIGITAL to protect their brand reputation in oil & gas, transportation, utilities, healthcare, and many other industries. GE DIGITAL can help customers reduce their attack surface while developing a robust plan for long-term OT resilience.