Beijer ST-1114 Digital input module

  • 4 digital inputs
  • 5 VDC
  • Positive logic (PNP)



Power Requirements
Current consumption 35 mA @ 5.0V DC
Input specification
Input type Sink Type (Positive Logic)
Number of inputs 4
ON -state voltage 12/24 V DC (10.2-28.8V)
OFF-state voltage Max. 0.8V DC
ON-state current Max. 4.5 mA @5.5VDC
Nominal input impedance Typical 1.3 kΩ
Input delay OFF to ON: Max. 0.5ms / ON to OFF: Max. 0.5ms
Filtering time Typical 1.5ms (software filtering)
Output specification
I/O connector Removable terminal block, cage clamp
Physical Characteristics
Mechanical size 12 mm x 99 mm x 70 mm
Module weight 70 g
System indicators 4 green input state, 1 green/red Bus state