Easy World Automation | PULS PIC120.241D DIN-rail Power supply

PULS PIC120.241D DIN-rail Power supply

  • Cost-optimized power supply without compromising quality or reliability
  • 100-120V/ 200-240V Auto-select input, efficiency up to 92,3%
  • DC-OK relay contact included
  • Rugged housing made of a high-grade, reinforced molded material
  • Full output power between -10 and +55°C
  • Extraordinarily compact, width only 39mm


These PIANO series units are extraordinarily compact, industrial grade power supplies that focus on the essential features needed in today’s industrial applications. The excellent cost/performance ratio presents many new and exciting opportunities without compromising quality or reliability.

The mechanically robust housing is made of a highgrade, reinforced molded material, which permits the units to be used in surrounding temperatures up to 70°C.

The unit is equipped with a auto-select input voltage stage, which makes the unit suitable for global use. The addition of a DC-OK signal makes the unit suitable for many industry applications such as: process, automation and many other critical applications where preventive function monitoring can help to avoid long downtimes.

You can place an order for the PULS PIC120.241D DIN-rail Power supply online via one of our Middle East branches (Dubai/ Oman/Saudi Arabia) and get it delivered at a low cost at a specific time.


Input Data
AC-Input Voltage AC 100-120/200-240V (± 10%)
DC-Input Voltage -
Power Factor 0.54
Input Inrush Current Limitation NTC
Peak turn on current 22A/33A
External Input Fuse Recommendation B - 10A / C - 6A
Output Data
nominal Voltage 24Vdc
Adjustment Range 24-28V
Output Current Range 5-4.3A
Output Current 4.3A at 28V, 5A at 24V
Output Power 120W
max. Ripple and Noise Voltage 100mVpp
Physical Characteristics
Mounting DIN-Rail
Dimension 39mm x 124mm x 124mm
Weight 370g
Operating Temperature -10°C ... +70°C
Derating 3W/° at +55 to +70°C
Efficency, typ. 92.3%
Power Losses, typ. 10.0W
Connection method Screw terminals
DC-OK Signal
E Classification eClass 5.1 27049002, eClass 6.x 27049002, eClass 7.x 27049002, eClass 8.0 27049002, eClass 9.0 27040701, ETIM 4.0 EC000599, ETIM 5.0 EC002540, HS Code HS 85044082
Package Checklist
Packaging Unit 1pc