Easy World Automation | Beijer NA-9189 Network Adapter Module

Beijer NA-9189 Network Adapter Module

  • Modbus TCP server (slave)
  • Ethernet 10/100 MBPS
  • Up to 32 expansion modules

  • Brand: BEIJER
  • Product Code: NA-9189


Beijer NA-9189 is a Controller module with 1 ethernet RJ45 port.

You can place an order for the Beijer NA-9189 Network Adapter Module, which is applicable in the Factory Automation, Road Transportation, Railway Transportation, Power Utility, Water & Wastewater, Marine industries, online via one of our Middle East branches (Dubai/ Oman/Saudi Arabia) and get it delivered at a low cost at a specific time.


Communication serial
Serial interface
Serial protocol
Serial baud rate
Communication ethernet
Ethernet baud rate 10/100 MBPS
Ethernet interface RJ45
Ethernet protocol Modbus TCP
Program memory -
Non volatile memory -
Real-time clock -
Real-time clock accuracy -
Max expansion modules 32 slots
Maximum input size 126 words (252 bytes)
Maximum output size 126 words (252 bytes)
Web server
Diagnostic -
Module error -
Power Requirements
Supply voltage 24 VDC (11 - 28.8 V)
Current consumption 60 mA @ 24 VDC
Power connector Removable terminal block, cage clamp
Power supply protection Reverse polarity protection
Field power detection 11 VDC
Field power voltage 24 VDC (11 to 28.8V)
Physical Characteristics
Mechanical size 45 mm x 99 mm x 70 mm
Module weight 150 g
Mounting 35mm DIN rail
System indicators Module Green/Red, Run Green, Error Green/Red, I/O Red, Field Power Green, Ethernet Link Yellow
Humidity 5-90% non-condensing
Operating temperature -20° to + 55°C
Storage temperature -40° to + 85°C