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Beijer BCS-NX3008 Modular PLC

  • High-speed 64-bit ARM processor with 1 GHz, 1000 PID loops in 2ms
  • Application memory capacity, 32MB
  • Persistent memory, 1MB
  • Max. rack I/O modules, 128
  • Com. Interfaces, 3xEthernet/1xSerial/1xCAN
  • Fieldbus connection, EtherCat/Ethernet/IP/PROFINET/Modbus TCP/RTU/OPC UA/DA/MQTT/IEC60870-5-104
  • WebVisualization/Web server diagnostics and Secured connection via VPN, built-in Firewall, Docker for Virtualization (pending)


The preemptive and multi-tasking operating system of the new BCS-NX3008 CPU operates on a high-speed 64-bit ARM processor with a 1 GHz clock, 3 times faster than previous line models. This allows the BCS-NX3008 to control over 2,000 input and output points and process complex arithmetic calculations, advanced control functions, and over 1,000 PID loops in up to 2 milliseconds. To ensure the integrity of the application where it is applied, the Altus newest CPU features 1 MB of retentive data memory. This feature, seen in most advanced control equipment, prevents the loss of operation data due to unexpected shutdowns or communication failures between the bus and the CPU.

In addition to the highlights related to hardware upgrades, the BCS-NX3008 also features new software resources for security, connectivity, and virtualization. One of these features is the embedded VPN, which creates a private and direct tunnel when connected to the CPU. This functionality enables you to access your business control network remotely and safely. The CPU also supports FTP connections, which enables the device to exchange data with a server that uses the same technology. This functionality allows remote access to the data packets generated by the controller, such as logs collected through a datalogger function. Another new feature available on the BCS-NX3008 is the embedded Linux platform. The resource, native in the CPU, makes it possible to virtualize applications such as Unix-based software. The feature enhances the versatility and speed of the operation system, allowing the processing of multiple data within the CPU.

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Communication protocols EtherCat Master, Ethernet/IP Scanner/Adapter, PROFINET Controller, ModbusTCP client/server, Modbus RTU master/slave, User defined protocol, IEC60870-5-104 server, OPC UA/DA server, MQTT client, CANOpen Master protocol, CAN low level, J1939 Manager protocol, SNMP Agent
Ethernet interface 3xRJ45 10/100/1000 Mbps
Serial interface 1xRS485
Hot Swap
One Touch Diag (OTD)
Status and diagnostics indication
Maximum number of expansion racks 24
Maximum number of modules 128
Clock synchronization (SNTP) SNTP
Network monitor (SNMP) SNMPv1, SNMPv2c, SNMPv3
Program memory 32MB
Source code memory 120MB
User files memory 32MB
Power Requirements
Current consumption from backplane rack -
CAN interface 1
CANOpen Master Protocol
J1939 Manager Protocol
Physical Characteristics
Standards and Certifications CE, ROHS, UL, DNV (pending)
Module Dimensions 36.00 x 114.63 x 115.30 mm
Net Weight 330 g