Easy World Automation | SIEMENS RUGGEDCOM RS950G Ethernet Switches

SIEMENS RUGGEDCOM RS950G Ethernet Switches

  • 1x 100/1000BASE-X combo port (local/coupler)
  • 2x 100/1000BASE-X combo ports (RNA)
  • Gigabit throughput

  • Brand: SIEMENS
  • Product Code: RUGGEDCOM RS950G


The RUGGEDCOM RS950G is an IEC 62439-3 Redundancy Box (RedBox) supporting both High Availability Seamless Redundancy (HSR) and Parallel Redundancy Protocol (PRP).

It provides the ultimate in network reliability from any network fault. This is achieved by simultaneously transmitting duplicate packets on independent routes through the network to provide complete path redundancy at the data link layer.

You can place an order for the SIEMENS RUGGEDCOM RS950G Ethernet Switches online via one of our Middle East branches (Dubai/ Oman/Saudi Arabia) and get it delivered at a low cost at a specific time.

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Ports 3 Gigabit Ethernet combo ports (100FX/1000LX/1000 SX or 10/100/1000TX), 2 HSR/PRP redundant ports and 1 regular access port (SAN) for standard Ethernet devices
Dimensions 65.02 x 188 x 116.59mm
Weight 1.22 kg
Operating Temperature -40 to 85°C
Storage Temperature -
Ambient Relative Humidity -
Standards and Certifications safety, CSA, UL, CE, EMC, laser protection class, IEC 61850-3
Output Voltage 10 to 36 VDC, 36 to 72 VDC, 88 to 300 VDC, 85 to 265 VAC