Beijer BFI-H3-44-0460-3F1N-TN Frequency Inverter | Easy World Automation

Beijer BFI-H3-44-0460-3F1N-TN Frequency Inverter

  • Output power 22 kW
  • Output 3x400 VAC, 46 A
  • Input voltage 3x380-480 VAC
  • IP55

  • Brand: BEIJER
  • Product Code: BFI-H3-44-0460-3F1N-TN


BFI H3 includes IP20, IP55, and IP66 inverters for HVAC, maritime, and other industrial applications, and set a new cost-competitive standard for dedicated fan and pump control. Ease-of-use and innovative design combined with robust performance provide powerful flow control and reliability in a compact drive.

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Output ratings
Output voltage 3 x 400 VAC
Rated motor current 46 A
Overload capacity 110% for 60 seconds, 125% for 3 seconds
Output frequency 0 – 250Hz, 0.1Hz resolution
Input ratings
Supply voltage 380 – 480VAC ± 10%
Supply frequency 48 – 62Hz
Power cycles 120 per hour maximum, evenly spaced
Modbus RTU 9.6 - 115.2 kbps selectable (8N1, 8N2, 8E1, 8O1)
BACnet MS/TP Built-in
Modbus TCP , the external option
Ethernet IP , the external option
EtherCat , the external option
Profinet IO , the external option
Profibus DP(DPV1) , the external option
Device Net , the external option
CC-Link , the external option
CAN open
Programmable display
Multi language OLED display
External OLED display
LED display
PID-control with sleep/wake up functionality
Spin start
Pump dry protection
Stir function
Motor pre-heat
Broken impeller and broken belt detection
Automatic cleaning for pumps
Bypass control
Fire mode
Control terminals
Power supply 100 mA @ 24 VDC, 20 mA @ 10 VDC
Inputs 5 in total, 3 Digital, 2 Analog or Digital, selectable
Digital inputs 10-30 V DC, PNP, Response time: < 4 msec, Internal or external supply
Analog inputs Resolution:12 bit, Response time: <4 msec; Accuracy: <± 2% of full scale, Adjustable scaling
Relay outputs Maximum Voltage: 250 VAC, 30 VDC Switching Current Capacity: 6A AC, 5A DC
Analog outputs 0 to 10 Volt, 0 to 20mA, 4 to 20mA
Outputs 4 total, 2 relays, 2 analog or digital
Standard compliances
Conformance CE, UL
Marine approvals Contact Beijer Electronics for more information
Earth leakage current EN 61800-5-1: 2007. Test techniques EN 60990:2000. 1x230 VA < 2,5 mA, 3x400VAC < 4,65 during runing
Dielectric strength 61800-5-1: 2007
Surge EN 61800-3: 2004+A1-2012. Test techniques EN 61000-4-5:2006.
Physical Characteristics
IP class IP55
Physical size Size 4
Measurements (H x W x D) 450 mm x 171 mm x 252 mm
Weight 12.0 kg
Built in Main switch, control switch and potentiometer
Conformal coated PCBs
Operation temperature -10 to 40 °C
Humidity 95% max, non-condensing