Beijer ST-4114 Analog output module | Easy World Automation

Beijer ST-4114 Analog output module

  • 4 analog output module
  • Output current 0-20 mA
  • Output resolution 12 bits


The FnIO S series is a micro modular remote IO system from Crevis, which contains a wide selection of digital and analog modules as well as special modules. Together with a selected bus/ node module, the system is easily combined to make standalone IO nodes.

The IO system, which has an IP20 enclosure, is installed on a standard 35 mm DIN rail. Stable communication between the modules in the node is guaranteed via a unique sliding contact system.

A standard IO module is only 12 mm in width, and when using 16 channel IO modules a complete node is made up of 64 IOs of only 90 mm in width.

The FnIO S series supports known bus systems such as Profibus DP/V1, CC-Link, CANopen, Modbus-TCP, Modbus-RS232, and Modbus-RS485.

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Output specification
Output type Analog output 0~20 mA
Output resolution 12 bits, 4.88 uA / bit
Data format 16-bit integer
Physical Characteristics
Mechanical size 12 mm x 99 mm x 70 mm
Module weight 70 g
System indicators 1 green/red Fn-Bus state