Easy World Automation | Innovaphone IP150 Desktop IP phones

Innovaphone IP150 Desktop IP phones

  • Weather and shock resistant housing
  • Extra loud ringer
  • Prepared wall mounting


innovaphone offers an IP telephone suitable for harsh conditions. With its weatherproof housing, which is also protected against vandalism, the innovaphone IP150 IP phone is well-prepared for use in factories or for outdoor use. Nothing can harm the innovaphone IP150 - no spraying water, no high humidity, no dust, or high mechanical strain. The sturdy housing is well-formed in impact and shock-resistant plastic and is even resistant to acids, alkali, and lubricants. Even the armored spiral handset cable has been designed especially for use in extreme locations. The protection category has been certified on IP65 and working temperatures for the phone can vary between -20°C to +60°C.

The extremely loud ring of this weather-proof and sturdy IP phone also facilitates use in extreme locations. A multitude of features is available on the IP150 IP phone. The 7-line graphic display on this modern IP phone provides all the necessary information and the 9 additional special keys enable easy operation. IP Telephony is still possible with the IP150 IP phone: even in wet, dusty, or hot environments. Give it a try!

The IP150 of the manufacturer innovaphone stands for weatherproof and protected IP Telephony.


Interface Fast Ethernet, PoE
Display and keyboard Display 128 x 64 px, Telephone keypad