Easy World Automation | PULS UF40.241 Buffer module

PULS UF40.241 Buffer module

  • Buffering with electrolytic capacitors instead of lead-acid batteries 
  • Buffering of 24V loads
  • Minimum hold-up time 0.16s at 40A, longer hold-up time at lower loads
  • The clear status indication of the status LED and signaling terminals


The UF40 buffer module is a supplementary device for regulated DC 24V power supplies, which can be used for various purposes:

- Deliver DC-power to bridge failures of the DC voltage supply system.

- Extend the hold-up time after loss of the AC power.

- Deliver extra short-term peak current above the current rating of the power supply.

It utilizes service-free electrolytic capacitors for storing the energy which allows usage even at ambient temperatures up to +70°C. The buffer module does not require any control wiring. It can be added in parallel to the load circuit at any given point. Buffer modules can be connected in parallel to increase the output ampacity or the hold-up time.

You can place an order for the PULS UF40.241 Buffer module online via one of our Middle East branches (Dubai/ Oman/Saudi Arabia) and get it delivered at a low cost at a specific time.


Output Data
nominal Voltage 24Vdc, 40A
Physical Characteristics
Dimension 64mm x 124mm x 142mm
Weight 1040g
Mounting Din-Rail
Operating Temperature -25°C ... +70°C
DC-Input Voltage DC 24V (-20%/+25%)
MTBF 2114000h
Connection method screw terminals
E Classification eClass 5.1 27040603, eClass 6.x 27040603, eClass 7.x 27040603, eClass 8.0 27049201, eClass 9.0 27049201, ETIM 4.0 EC000382, ETIM 5.0 EC000382, HS Code HS 85044082
Package Checklist
Packaging Unit 1pc